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The Lone Star State has a tough reputation when it comes to prosecuting sex crimes, especially ones committed against children.Call (281) 720-8551 to speak to an attorney now.

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Anyone accused of a sex crime in Texas faces years in prison, fines, and possible registration for life as a sex offender. You also can have your reputation destroyed by a mere sex crime allegation, let alone conviction.

It is always in your best interest to retain an aggressive sex crimes attorney in Texas if you have been accused of this serious crime. A strong criminal defense attorney may be able in some cases to persuade the state prosecutor to not file charges. Even if the state does not convict you, just having been accused brings with it a serious social stigma that can affect your work, family and home life.

Best Sex Crimes Defense

A criminal defense attorney will review your case and will construct a solid defense if possible, which may include these points:

  • Suppress evidence: Did Texas law enforcement obtain sex crime evidence against you illegally? They must follow certain legal procedures or your 4th Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure could be violated. For example, if they did not have a search warrant or entrapped you, the evidence collected could be suppressed in court.
  • Wrongfully accused: It is not unheard of for the victim to lie if he or she has the motivation to do so, such as in a child custody or divorce case. If the victim was an adult, the person could have been trying to protect their reputation, or perhaps was enticed into providing false evidence.

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Sex Crime Cost

If you are convicted of a sex crime against a child, such as child pornography, it is rare you can serve your prison sentence and get on with your life. As soon as you are convicted of a Texas sex crime, your name will be shown on a list of registered sex offenders for the rest of your life, as well as your address and photograph.

Most jobs that involve interacting with the public and children are normally out of the question. People generally do not want to live near registered sex offenders, so the social stigma can be devastating.

Not only will you face restrictions on where you can work and live, and you might even be held longer than your criminal sentence in civil commitment. To summarize, your life as you knew it is over with a sex crime conviction.

Thus, it is critical to have a criminal defense attorney intervene as quickly as possible to hopefully prevent charges from being filed.

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If you are facing a sex crime accusation against a child, your future is in jeopardy. It is important to contact a criminal defense attorney in Texas who can help you to obtain the best possible case result. Contact one of our attorneys today for a complimentary consultation.