Murder vs. Capital Murder

Murder and capital murder are both criminal offenses where the defendant has killed someone. They differ in the circumstances of the crime and the resulting punishment. Call (281) 720-8551 to speak to an attorney. Murder in Texas ​​Murder, for example, in Texas, is when someone unlawfully kills another person with the intent and knowledge to [...]

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Vehicular Manslaughter Texas – Criminal Attorney

For someone who has gotten into an accident that results in someone’s death, navigating the law may be tricky.  Many states have a separation between the terms Voluntary Manslaughter and Involuntary Manslaughter.  Texas is not one of these states. Conviction in Texas The state of Texas refers to manslaughter as a single charge with certain [...]

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Texas Manslaughter Laws

There are several types of criminal homicide in Texas, but punishments are severe in all cases. Call (281) 720-8551 to speak to a criminal attorney. What is manslaughter in Texas? If the state prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were criminally negligent, or caused the death of another person in a [...]

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