Daniel Lazarine focuses on criminal defense and DWI defense  in Sugar Land, Texas, and the Fort Bend County Area. When your freedom matters, Daniel Lazarine is your lawyer.



Mr. Lazarine was a criminal prosecutor in before shifting his focus to criminal defense several years ago.  With experience on both sides of the aisle, he can help you preserve your freedom.



Our office is located in Sugar Land’s business district. We maintain a presence in the Houston area, serving clients in Fort Bend County, Harris County, and surrounding areas.


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State prosecutors aggressively pursue lawbreakers in Texas. If you have been charged with a crime, contact our Sugar Land, Texas criminal defense attorneys today.

When you are facing criminal charges in Texas, the cost of a criminal conviction can be extremely high. Attorney Daniel Lazarine believes that you should never face the Texas Criminal Justice System without an expert defense lawyer by your side.

Mr. Lazarine is a Texas native with strong ties to the Houston legal community. He has practiced in Fort Bend County, Galveston County, and Harris County. The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine, PLLC continues to maintain a presence in Downtown Houston. Our primary office is situated in Sugar Land, Texas.

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Sugar Land, Tx or the surrounding area, it is important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer. Whether you have been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, a good defense lawyer can be the difference between a case dismissal and serious jail time. Texas has a well-earned reputation as a law and order state, and a good legal defense is essential when you are charged with a crime.

DWI In Texas

The state of Texas has enacted harsh punishments and steep penalties for those convicted of driving while intoxicated. While focusing on criminal defense in Sugar Land, Attorney Daniel Lazarine has garnered a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in defending clients charged with a DWI.

If you have been charged with a DWI or DUI, then you should give our office a call immediately. Mr. Lazarine is a Sugar Land DWI Lawyer who can help you form your best defense against the charges, and if possible, keep you from losing your driving privileges in the State of Texas.

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Sugar Land, TX Felony Lawyer

Felonies in Texas fall under five basic categories: capital, class I, II and III, and state jail felonies. A crime will be classified under one of these categories depending upon the case. Below is more information about each type of Texas felony:

Capital felony

These are the most severe Texas crimes. Punishment can be life in prison without parole or death. The most common capital felony is murder; see Section 12.31 of the criminal code.

Class I felony

A first degree felony is punishable by life in prison, or no less than five years and no more than 99 years. In addition to this tough sentence, you could be required to pay a fine up to $10,000. Sexual assault against a child is a common class I felony; see Section 12.33 of the criminal code.

Class II felony

A second degree felony can be punished by at least two and no more than 20 years in prison. You also can be fined up to $10,000. A common class II felony is causing severe injury to a family member; see Section 12.33 of the criminal code.

Class III felony

Punishable by no less than two years and no more than 10 years in Texas state prison. Maximum fine is $10,000. An example is possession of 50 or more pounds of marijuana; see Section 12.34 of the criminal code.

State jail felony

This crime may be punished by at least six months in jail and no more than two years. Maximum fine is $10,000. A state jail felony in Texas is in a gray area that can be used if the law enforcement officer did not put the felony into one of the above classifications. But if you had a previous felony charge or used a deadly weapon during the crime, you can be punished according to third degree felony guidelines. A common state jail felony is livestock theft; see Section 12.35 of the criminal code.

Fort Bend County Misdemeanor Attorney

Misdemeanors are less serious offenses than felonies. You can be charged with a class A, class B or class C misdemeanor. A common example of a class A misdemeanor is carrying a gun without a concealed weapon permit with a sentence up to one year in jail.

A common class B misdemeanor is marijuana possession less than two ounces with a jail sentence up to six months. A class C misdemeanor, such as theft of less than $50, can be punished by a fine up to $500 and no time in jail.


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“Dan has represented me twice, and I couldn’t ask for better results. Never at any point did I believe that he was less than completely honest and forthcoming. Unlike some attorneys, he fights hard for his client and fights to win. I highly recommend his services.”

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“I have retained Mr. Lazarine twice in the last few years and have nothing but good things to say about my experience. He is smart, persistent, and easy to communicate with. All matters were resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I will continue to use him when needed.”

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“I have worked with Sugar Land Criminal Lawyer Daniel Lazarine on multiple occasions over the last 4 years. I consider him the Best DWI Lawyer in Sugar Land, TX because he is a former prosecutor and knows all the tricks that the prosecutor will use to convict you. I recommend Mr. Lazarine to all of my acquaintances who need a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Bend County, TX.”

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